Facebook “like”

The Facebook button in the editor will insert the facebook like shortcode onto the page or you can write it yourself


You can position this shortcode within a post or page as required or add it into a sidebar text widget to appear on every page or alternatively you can contact us if you require custom positioning within your theme’s template.

Advanced Use

The shortcode is set up to display the default like but the following options are available

  • layout
    – standard (default)
    – button_count
    – box_count
  • faces
    – false (default)
    – true
  • colorscheme
    – light (default)
    – dark
  • width *
    – 450 (default)
    any number you like
  • height
    – 25 (default)
    – any number you like
  • action
    – like (default)
    – recommend

You can use any of the above variables by simply adding it into the shortcode. For example, if you wanted to show the faces you would also need to make the height of the iframe larger to cope

leftfacebook faces=true height=60right

*width adjusts both the Facebook code and the iframe width